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Cooper's Helmet Hero

The bike riding future leaders of Collier County need to protect their brains

Green Bike Helmet

About Cooper's Helmet Hero

Founded in 2019, Cooper's Helmet Hero has been working to make sure everyone has access to a bike helmet in our area. Our work is dedicated to breaking down any barrier to safe helmet use. We hope to be able to help provide bike helmets to those that need them, and educate those that already have a helmet to increase use.

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How We Help

Bicycle Equipment

Helmet Donation

Provide bicycle helmets to anyone who needs help getting one.

Classroom Lecture

Helmet Education

Help educate those who have or can get a bike helmet how important it is to always wear a helmet.

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Bike Race

"I've put on a helmet more times than I've buckled a seat belt."

Geraint Thomas 

Winner 2018 Tour de France

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Contact Us

5181 Sand Dollar Lane, Naples FL 34103

(239) 631-0392

Cooper Tunkle

Founder, President, and CEO

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